My Services


  • clean & modern
  • responsive/mobile
  • user friendly


    • WordPress CMS
    • cross-browser compatibility
    • client & server side coding


      • optimisation for search engines
      • social media integration
      • analytics

        My Skills


        markup language
        that web pages
        are written in


        used for
        styling & formatting
        web pages


        server side
        programming for
        web pages


        client side
        scripting for
        web pages

        Web Bio

        I consider myself to be more of a developer than a designer, which means that I work best alongside a graphic designer to build fully functional websites based on their designs.

        In my current work I build websites in the popular content management system called WordPress. This tool allows me to build bespoke systems that are easily updatable by the client and can be tailor made to their requirements. The websites are always made to be responsive, which means they will adjust to look right on any screen size.

        Within WordPress I use Advanced Custom Fields to generate fields that the client can enter data into and edit after the website is built; the fields can include images, text and many other options. I then use PHP to control how this data is taken from a database and structured into html; next I use css to make the page look as intended and jQuery for added interactivity.

        I won’t go into too much detail here but if you’d like to find out more, you can read my blog posts where there will be more technical descriptions of my work.